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During my 36 year career in retail we lived and worked in Washington D.C., Tampa, Chicago, and Atlanta. So when I decided to make a significant move to work for a different retailer and transfer to Tallahassee, a number of people, including my new employer at the time asked, “Why Tallahassee?”. The answer is really quite simple. My wife and I feel Tallahassee is one of the best kept secrets in the USA.

As both a District Manager and a Regional V.P. with a major retailer, I had visited the area numerous times but had been pretty much limited in what I had seen. Our love affair with Tallahassee started in 1997 when we brought our oldest son up to attend college at Florida State University. We were struck by the natural beauty of the area with its hills and canopied roads as these were things we didn’t think any place in Florida could offer. As we visited more during our son’s undergraduate years, we discovered so many other great things about the area.

The weather is great. Although it’s warm in July and August, it’s no warmer than Atlanta or Washington D.C. and September through June gives us a long fall, a short winter ( January), and a long spring. It’s made to order for golf, fishing, and just plain being outside.

Being a sports fan, just about every sport imaginable is played by Florida State and/or Florida A&M Universities. If you enjoy watersports, you have your choice of enjoying the many lakes in the immediate area, driving an hour or so to go to the Gulf beaches, or driving three hours to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. If you enjoy pro sports, local media follows the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Atlanta Braves among others.

From a cultural and fine arts standpoint, the two universities provide theater, music, art and many other alternatives. In addition, with it being the state capital there are numerous museums of art and history in the city. There are not only great libraries at the campuses but a very large public library downtown.

There are also many fine restaurants in the area featuring every type of national and international food you could desire.

As far as medical care, many of the best hospitals in a state full of great hospitals, are in Tallahassee and with the Medical School at Florida State University, this is a great city for medical research.

 Also, primarily due to the number of people involved with the universities, Public Education is a high priority in the area. Most other public services including police and firefighters are great as well partially enhanced by the members of the State Police and extra security needed at the State Government buildings.

On top of all of this, the economy of the area is almost inflation proof due to the large number of state government and university employees.

So to all those who asked me, “Why Tallahassee?”, my response is , “Why Anywhere Else?”.